Twin Library

The Twin Library group from the town of Edmonton.

Quick Before It Melts reviews Historical Tumblers

Historical Tumblers blends the band’s penchant for  sharp melodies, succinct songwriting, and muted instrumentation into the smoothest, most refreshing drink your ears have ever tasted.

It is ridiculous how talented, and yet so underrated Twin Library are.  Is it because they don’t push the PR machine they way lesser bands do?  Is it because there’s a glut of musicians out there making so much noise that ace tracks like “Right Around The Wrong Time” never get their due?  ”Swallows” is barely long enough to be a song, yet it perfectly encapsulates it’s lyrics: “And when it ends does it ever end/it never begins”.   I often remark about how not a single moment or note is wasted on Twin Library records; with Historical Tumblers, it’s not their musical efficiency that impresses me, it’s the way that this album draws me into repeated listens.  It’s not because a single play though isn’t satisfying in its own right, but because my thirst for Twin Library’s sound cannot be quenched.”

Quick Before It Melts, April 2014

Historical Tumblers on Austin Town Hall

"There are so many bands writing creative music today, that it’s quite nearly impossible to get to hear them all.  With that in mind, I’d like to remind you about the Canadian act, Twin Library.   I’ve written about the group before, and as I’m always stalking my favorites, I was made aware that they’ve just put up a great new album, Historical Tumblers. Personally, this track is one of my favorites on the record, though it’s also one of the shorter numbers; it’s a very simple bit of melody that draws me in every time.”

Austin Town Hall, April 2014

Homemade CD sleeves for “Historical Tumblers”

Homemade CD sleeves for “Historical Tumblers”

Stickers for the new album have arrived.

Stickers for the new album have arrived.

A song from the new Twin Library album (Spring 2014)

The second single from the forthcoming Twin Library album “The Midwest Kicks” (early Spring 2014)

BeatRoute reviews They Were Marked As Targets

"acoustic guitars and muted drums lead the way in these two-ish-minute long tracks while the band points its fingers at the darkness closing in…every melody feels perfectly placed, completely necessary"

BeatRoute, November 2013